We provide a better alternative for clients in the field of  Factory Set-up, Designs and Construct Building, Mechanical & electrical (M&E) Engineering Support Services, and Interior and Exterior Designs.

Key Services Strategy of the company includes the following:


- Specialized the Fast-Track Project Delivery for various short duration Building and Renovation Project.


- We are currently appointed as  Dunhambush Dealer  for Dunhambush Chillers.


- Offering a comprehensive range of Construction, Engineering and Interior Design services enables us to tailor a project services 

   which matches our clients' needs, goals and budget.


-   We seeks a commitment from all of our employees, suppliers and subcontractors to work together to achieve Safety

    Management System in all work stages.


-  We are committed to build upon our reputation for delivery of quality product and services of all scales and complexity, to the s

   atisfaction of our customers


- Train and develop the skills of our personnel to ensure the business is supported by competent and skilled people capable of

   achieving the objectives.


- We understand each customer unique requirements for their projects.


- Maintain and develop long-lasting relationships with clients, suppliers through implementing services, after-sales services or



- Develop a complete timeframe together with the corresponding team.


- Provide project estimating and a reliable cost model drawn from our broad cost  histories.


- Monitor methods, procedures and checks from start to finish with the goal of meeting established standards.


- Provide the most efficient design and construction methods to achieve value and timeline.


- Continuous research and product development and also provide the latest machines and equipment to maintain the  

   competitiveness and high quality of our services.


O.N.O. Flow Co., Ltd. hopes to answer your need for a partner who will really work for your profitability.



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